Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja Says ALL MUSLIMS are Terrorist | Dr.Nilofer kafeel Condemns H Raja | TRENDING NEWS | 2019

H Raja & Dr.Nilofer kafeel
   H Raja & Dr.Nilofer kafeel  

Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja Says ALL MUSLIMS are Terrorist

                 In a recent interview with Behindwoods Air Team which was uploaded On 25 Feb 2019 on their Behindwood Air Youtube Channel, BJP Leader H Raja says that Muslims are Terrorists.

                Gabriel Devadoss [Video Jockey] Conducted an interview with the BJP leader H Raja, Asked so many Rapid Fire questions including why BJP is forming Alliances with other Small Political party's, are they afraid of Other Political party's.

                Then Devadoss asked, "Ok, let's talk about an issue, After the PULWAMA terror attack, So many Kashmiri Students and Kashmiri Businessmen who are living all over the INDIA, are facing threats and few were attacked by BJP persons".

                H Raja refuses it and says its a lie, you are telling this for your channel promotion.
Devadoss told that I m sorry sir, we have Evidence that you cannot deny. Even Shiv Sena felt guilty and sad for the Kashmiri peoples who were attacked in Maharashtra. Read Below [Kashmiri Students Attacked in Maharashtra].

                For that H Raja said, "Yesterday in Vaniyambadi, A policeman was attacked by the Muslims, and a few months ago, 9 police Constables were beaten up by the people in Ambur and an SP told that he ran 2 Km for saving his life from the Mob, All these peoples are Muslims, Terrorists".[Without any Hesitation].

                Devadoss said you are comparing the attacks and saying both are Equal. is that even correct, are you even realizing what you are telling, I m asking Why Kashmiri Students or Any Muslims are being targetted or Beaten up When any terrorist attacks Take place in India. why BJP party's or Gau Rakshak's are doing this insensitive behavior with Muslims. so that H Raja said, "D Raja’s daughter involved in anti-India sloganeering in Jawaharlal Nehru University. [BJP MP Mahesh Giri on Saturday leveled genuine charges against CPI Leader D Raja's little girl Aparajita, saying she was there in Jawaharlal Nehru College and was raising mottos. He also shared a video on Twitter in which she was shown raising slogans]. why you are not calling D Raja and have a debate with him about the issue...

                Finally, Devadoss finishes his interview by Saying " Let me clear you one thing that every religion has a Terrorists Group, Buddhism, Christianism, and even Hinduism has Terrorists, Nathuram Godse. is also a Terrorist. Please Do not Paint Religious Figures for Terrorism.

Dr. Nilofer kafeel, Minister of Labour and Employment Department Condemns H Raja for his speech about Muslims are Terrorists.

Dr.Nilofer kafeel
Dr.Nilofer kafeel 

Minister Nilofer Kafeel has strongly condemned the BJP national secretary H. Raja to understand what terrorism is. The 71st birthday celebration of former Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa was held in Jaliti area in Tirupattur of Vellore district. This was attended by Labor Minister Nilofer Kafeel,

Other parties in Tamil Nadu rule 5 years and will be shy to go to the people during the next election. Because they will not implement any plans for the people in those five years. But current Chief Minister Edappadi Palinasamy, Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam has been carrying out numerous plans for the people. Therefore, the AIADMK volunteers should boldly request to people for voting.

Furthermore, BJP National Secretary H. Raja has said that the young men of Vaniyambadi are terrorists. Minister Nilofer Kafeel has condemned the statement of H. Raja whom he said terrorists are the Muslim youths who fought against the police in support of the Hindu brother Radhakrishnan, who died in a crash in Vaniyambadi a few days ago.

Quick info:

Kashmiri Students Attacked In Maharashtra

[Students were ill-treated and beaten by the alleged Yuva Sena activists, who asked the Kashmiri youths, why jawans are being killed in Kashmir.

Shiv Sena's youth wing activists assaulted students of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday night in Yavatmal of Maharashtra, an embarrassment for Maharashtra government and Shiv Sena.

A video that has become viral, students from Dayabhai Patel College of Physical Education, Maharashtra, living in Wagahpur, were not being treated well by the Yuva Sena workers, who after finding out that they were from Kashmir, start to beat them.

Students can seen beaten and punched by the workers of Yuva Sena, who asked Kashmiri youth why the soldiers were being killed in Kashmir, activists also forced Kashmiri youth to sing 'Vande Mataram' and slogan 'Hindustan Zindabad'. Shiv Sena, condemned the violence saying that they will take action against the culprits after checking their credentials].

Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja Says ALL MUSLIMS are Terrorist | Dr.Nilofer kafeel Condemns H Raja | TRENDING NEWS | 2019 Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja Says ALL MUSLIMS are Terrorist | Dr.Nilofer kafeel Condemns H Raja | TRENDING NEWS | 2019 Reviewed by Beginner24 on March 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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