HOW TO MAKE HAIR SMOOTH AND STRAIGHT NATURALLY | how to make curly hair smooth and straight naturally | how to make hair smooth shiny and straight naturally



                                      Today is the segment that you have been waiting for We're always on the lookout for hacks especially hacks for hair if your hair is too frizzy then you should go for anti-frizz treatment but today's segment is on a magical mask that's going to transform your hair There's this guy who has shiny hair his wife has shiny hair and so does his daughter He's Japanese I asked him what he uses then he shared this recipe and today I'm going to share it with you You can prepare this mask at home what you need is two bananas that are ripe you need to mash it with a cloth try to use net otherwise, you can blend it as well you need to make a puree then and there my competition today is with Susan this is a very expensive wig It's a very shiny and real looking wig Let's see if I get the same shine Use a Cold Press Extra Virgin Coconut Oil My friend Jerry is going to help me She's too tall and won't fit entirely into the frame 2 table spoon of coconut oil then whisk it then add 2 table spoon of honey then a few drops of Lemon this is supposed to give a lot of shine to my hair you will apply from the ends first keep brushing make sure you brush your hair before starting and don't put this on the scalp otherwise it makes hair too oily this shampoo is very good the shampoo has a normal application first wash your hair with the GK shampoo Then apply this deep conditioner in wet hair for 20 minutes Okay so I've washed the banana mask now after 20 minutes maximum all the oil came off - incredible I love it! They feel really soft and have a great shine as well...



                                         I'm going to share with you permanent hair straightening naturally at home for extremely curly hair and it's straightening the hair naturally it's very effective remedy that works from the first use with very natural ingredients and unlike chemicals that damaged the hair this is Willa straightening the hair without causing any damage but before we start out my friends if you're not already subscribed to my channel hit that subscribe button and turn under notification bell to never miss any upcoming simple and natural effective remedies and the first thing we'll need is coconut milk and this is a fresh coconut milk you need to add around 1/2 cup of fresh coconut milk and you can get the coconut and squeeze it at home to get the fresh coconut milk and then my friends will need to add 1/2 lemon juice or lime juice to the coconut milk and now we'll need to place it in the fridge and leave it overnight this is very important step and you will find it after over got vacant and it will be like can a thick and paste like so so once you found it thick like so my friends and the next morning add a net 1 teaspoon of vaseline or petroleum jelly and now mix all the ingredients very very well once we mix and combined all the ingredients our hair straightening cream is ready apply it on your hair and can a comb your hair brush your hair with that magical remedy and leave your hair until it dries out and then wash it normally with shampoo this is a permanent hair straightening by regular use of this you will get rid of the curls and your hair will be straightened naturally also nourish the hair I hope that video will help you to my friends don't forget subscribe my channel and turn on the bill to never miss any upcoming simple and natural effective remedies... 


                                      One of my biggest secrets I am revealing a hair keratin alternative and method for hair straightening at home the results will be the same like a hair salon keratin session before I share this absolutely amazing hair treatment with you. I promise that this treatment will not cost you more than $20.00 but results will leave you positively shocked my old school friend Nicky Joseph told me a top secret method to straighten your hair at home without spending a lot of money you all know that I have super long hair but it is also super frizzy and curly so today I'm going to test this treatment on my hair my two other friends have also tried this technique and results were surprising and quite unbelievable so let's have a look at the ingredients we're going to need to prepare our secret hair straightening cream first of all you need three tablets of aspirin then you're gonna need three tablespoons of pure organic white powder I am using homemade butter but stir bar will be just fine our next ingredient is vitamin E capsules remember to buy the yellow ones only as they also help to strain the hair permanently now let's crush the aspirin using a spoon or something similar what we need is the aspirin powder and by the way don't worry because it's completely safe to use aspirin on hair it also helps to get rid of dandruff I've done proper research and it's completely safe to use aspirin as it has no side effects next add six to seven capsules of vitamin A in your aspirin powder remember to use yellow capsules only otherwise you will never get the same results now mix well one more thing if you follow the given instructions as it is you will get the same results this is my guarantee now it is time to mix the aspirin make with our batter I think it's better to mix using your hands however you can also wear gloves if you're not comfortable but in order to mix batter and aspirin picture properly use your hands after mixing it well it's ready to use remember to shampoo your hair before applying the mixture just please don't use any conditioner only wash your hair with shampoo now divide your hair in sections same like you do when you apply hair extensions rebounding or keratin and then start applying the mixture from roots to ends apply the mixture from your roots to your ends in the same way we would apply hair straightening cream apply the cream all over your hair in the same way and leave it on for the next two hours in the meantime don't tie up your hair as you have applied the straightening cream so let it just be straightened after two hours your hair will have absorbed all the cream now it's time to straighten your hair using a professional hair straightener straighten the hair properly spend as much time as you need on this because your final results will depend on this step the more you straighten now the more perfect results you will get I am repeating again focus on this step because if you leave any stray curls in this step after washing those curls will appear again we don't want this so please please straighten your hair very very properly spend the maximum possible time on this step to get the best results after straightening your hair leave it on for 20 minutes and afterwards apply the same cream again if your cream is finished prepare more making this cream is after all very very easy this time around you just have to leave the cream on your hair for just 20 minutes and after 20 minutes wash your hair with a shampoo be careful you have to use a shampoo for professional use only not a normal shampoo so use that one to wash your hair after washing your hair let it dry naturally and when it dries up you will see that your hair is no longer curly this is a hundred percent tested and effective treatment to straighten your hair at home I just love the results because now my hair just looks so cool this remedy is amazing and its results are permanent so there is no need to repeat the remedy again and again because the results I repeat are permanent try this today.. .
HOW TO MAKE HAIR SMOOTH AND STRAIGHT NATURALLY | how to make curly hair smooth and straight naturally | how to make hair smooth shiny and straight naturally HOW TO MAKE HAIR SMOOTH AND STRAIGHT NATURALLY | how to make curly hair smooth and straight naturally | how to make hair smooth shiny and straight naturally Reviewed by Beginner24 on January 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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