How to Check Whether your Android phone is Hacked or Not | Secured or Unsecured | 2018

Best and Easy way to find out if your mobile is hacked or not

  • Smartphones have forever changed the way that we communicate with the world around us, what many don't know is that smartphones are like little computers in your hands this means that they can get hacked just like any regular computer, but don't worry there are easy ways to know if your phone is hacked and we're going to show you before we dive into the world of technology.
  • One of the biggest draws of smart phones is that they perform fast and you can get        information instantly, does it seem like your phone is running slower than usual even after you clear space on your phone by deleting photos videos apps etc does your phone still take forever to load a simple text. 
  • Malware can severely slow down the function of your phone if your app performance has slowed down they could be compromised. 
          We have listed 8 easy ways to find out whether your mobile is hacked or not

1- Pop ups.

           We've gotten used to pop-up ads on our computers and we just click on that X and hope that we're not infected with a virus phones, are also vulnerable to getting pop up at however we can't just close the app and click out of it with the slip of a finger we might accidentally click on the app and then we find out that there's malware on our phone if you get a pop up ads saying that your computer is compromised then yeah your phone has been hacked.

2- Spy apps.

           Spy apps have risen in popularity in the general public in the last few years they're easily accessible and marketed to suspicious boyfriends, girlfriends and employers of course parents are huge fans of spy apps as well these apps can track everything you're doing on your phone including the ability to read text and monitor phone calls, these also include internet history GPS location and even photos if you're suspicious of a spy app being on your phone look at your browsing history and see if your phone is using more data than usual.

3- Messaging.

           Messaging this is probably one of the most obvious signs that your phone has been hacked, first have you ever gotten a random text from someone with a weird link for one never click on a link that's been texted to you regardless of whether the sender is a friend or not, if you find that your phone is also sending text by itself that is a first sure way to know that your phone has been hacked.

4- Naughty Websites.

            Some phone networks have filters and blocks to prevent your phone from visiting naughty web sites, however hackers don't always know that and they will try to visit some pretty bad websites on your network usually when this happens you'll get some sort of notification and you're able to deal with it properly, but this also means that your phone has been hacked spam filters one of the biggest convenience is with smart phones is the ability to send email from the palm of our hands, this is especially handy for those in the corporate and communications world who constantly have to keep in touch, but if you're finding that the email you're sending from your phone is being sent to spam that means a hacker got to your phone they likely changed your email configuration and server settings so someone can access your email.

5- Service disruptions.

           Service disruptions if you've bought the latest phone but you keep dropping calls losing service in areas where you normally have good service and you're unable to access the internet your phone might be hacked the same goes for if you hear clicking sounds while you're talking on the phone, someone might be trying to listen in or trying to get access to your phone there may also be technical issues from your phone company so it might be a good time to take your phone into the store to get a check-up.

6- Hot Stuff.

           If your phone is suddenly hot to the touch even though you haven't used it much it could mean that someone is running apps without your knowledge when your phone is working hard the battery is working just as hard which results in your device getting warmed up, if you find that your battery is not keeping a charge drains faster than usual and takes forever to charge then someone is definitely using your phone without your knowledge.

7- Look at your bill.

           If you're finding that your bill is going up each month it's time to open that PDF and read the fine print sure it might be a pain but it's a crucial task in order to solve the mystery of a hacked phone, those who have had their phones hacked find that their mobile service has been used to make international phone calls, send suspicious texts and even make purchases through your phone account you're basically getting the bill for someone else's good time.

8- Looks different.

           If you like to browse the internet on your phone and you see that your favorite website looks different, close your browser right away why your phone has been hacked, malware serves as the go-between from your phone to the hacker and sometimes that results in web browsers looking different because the information is compromised, these programs will also have their own instructions that only hackers can see which can also affect the layout of the website, let's take a break to give a special shout-out to incognito. 

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