is it good to play PUBG ? Does it Affect our daily lives ? Beginner24 .

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Is it Good to play PUBG ? Does it affects our daily lives ?

                           PUBG- Player unknown's BattleGround's- is an android game is getting viral all over the world. This game can be played in PC also with a file extraction. This Game is all about Shooting and surviving with a group of friends teaming up till the end. The thing is it consumes a lot of time to end the game. The profit of this game will be getting high as everyone is started to play and getting addicted to this game.

Is it good or bad.

                          When we ask a gamer about this game, he will definitely say that the game is good, and we haven't seen a game like this before. And yes that is correct. We have played a lots of game before, but this one brings everyone's eye on it, Because of high graphics and easy to play. Everyone need to try this game if their phone can afford this big game. It is good to play this game, but not good for the phones which is below 2GB rams as it consumes a lot of storages and sometimes you may get freezed while playing the game not because of storages but of the internet connections of your mobiles.


Does it effect our daily lives.

                          Not for sure, but the people who are taking this Game too seriously may get affected, for eg, if he dies in the game, he will get angry, its a normal thing, but when he dies everytime, then his mind rejects everything untill he wins, Thats the serious problem for everyone who is playing this game. Definitely this will effect the person who is taking it too seriously. Hope Parents will take care of their kids, But the thing is Elders also started to play PUBG game as it is so addictive. Take care of your health both physically and mentally. Dont get too stressed as it always results in health problems.

is it good to play PUBG ? Does it Affect our daily lives ? Beginner24 . is it good to play PUBG ? Does it Affect our daily lives ? Beginner24 . Reviewed by Beginner24 on August 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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