How to submit Sitemap of Blogger before verifying our website ownership in WEBMASTER TOOLS 2019

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Hey guys,

                 i know that most of us having doubts about using webmaster tools. sometimes users will create a blog and Add their website to the webmaster tools without verifying website ownership in the webaster tool. i also did the same.but when i searched for my solution. i didnt got any answers. So i thought why should i tell my experience to all. I will tell you how to do it. But it has some Disadvantages also.

1- Create a Blog.

                 Create a unique and best content for your Blog. Avoid copying the contents from other websites.

2- Add your website in webmaster tools.

                 Type webmaster tools in the Google. you will find a Search console(webmaster tools). click on the first search result. After opening the page you will find ADD PROPERTY. Submit your blog URL. and then you will find CRAWL, TOTAL CLICKS, SITEMAP.

3- Add sitemap.

                click the sitemap option or on the left side of the page you will find crawl option, you will find sitemap  under the crawl option as well. after opening sitemap, it will show submit sitemap option on the right side of the page. click that. it will show a pop-up box. where you can see your website url with an empty box. Type sitemap.xml and submit. Thats it. You can index your single blog in the fetch as google option under the same CRAWL option.


               I said you before that by submitting the sitemap without verifying your website ownership has a disadvantage, which is when you submit your sitemap. it will show you pending or index requested. it will take some time to index in the google search engine. After sometime it will show you complete. Sometimes the URLs inside the sitemap gets crawl errors. when you didn't verify your ownership.  So avoid submitting the sitemaps before verifying your website ownership. 

Verify your website ownership.

               It is easy to verify, when you open search console again, you will find your website there with verified, but is half verified as we did in step-2, on the right side of your website option, you can see ADD/MANAGE PROPERTY. click that, it will open a page by telling you are verified. below that, there will be an option Alternative Method, click that. you will find a set of can choose any option. but select HTML TAG, its easy to use. by clicking that option, it will show a line, copy that and paste below the first <Head> option, in your blog HTML, inside the Themes option of your blog. After copying go back to your webmaster tools and click verify. it will show you website ownership successfully verified. That's it.

          if you have any doubts, ask in the comment section. For that you will need a gmail account.


How to submit Sitemap of Blogger before verifying our website ownership in WEBMASTER TOOLS 2019 How to submit Sitemap of Blogger before verifying our website ownership in WEBMASTER TOOLS 2019 Reviewed by Beginner24 on August 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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