How to prevent Smartphones from OverHeating | Does it blast Phone | Why does Smartphone heats

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How to Prevent Smartphones from Overheating.

Do-it-yourself self-service for your phone. Does your phone get warm and sometimes even hot when you're using, it that doesn't mean that your phone is ill and needs special attention or that it's broken or dangerous anytime a machine or even a person works hard it's going to give off heat. most of the time you and your phone enjoy a comfortable temperature and in both cases being warmer than usual it's generally not serious and is only temporary, so let's look at some of the reasons your phone might be warm.


  • first your phone may generate heat when charging and discharging and applications like gaming navigation and streaming media require more power as they use data and data use is power intensive anytime.
  • you draw power from the battery it's going to give up heat and the more power you draw the more heat the battery will give off.
  • your phone may also get warm when it's working as a Wi-Fi hotspot [Music] and when you combine activities for example navigating and streaming music in the car while charging the phone.
  • you can expect a pretty hot device especially if it's sitting in the Sun again the good news is that a warm or hot phone can be perfectly normal our phones are built to manage heat however unlike a computer a phone does not have an internal cooling fan to help it so it takes other routes to manage heat.
  • All our phones have built-in safety features to shut them down before they get dangerously hot this almost never happens but if it does you will first see a warning and then if the phone continues to heat it will shut down so if you never see the warning you're just fine.
  • newer phones also have other safeguards that allow you to keep using the phone when it gets excessively warm these phones are designed to lower the heat by temporarily reducing the phone's capabilities for example your phone might slow down the screen might dim and the charging might pause but you can still use it and when the phone cools sufficiently it will be fully functional again.
  • but what if your phone gets hot when you're not using it or charging it sometimes a process will get stuck in the background this is rare but it can happen if it does just turn the phone off and back on to kill whichever runaway process is causing your phone to heat up there is also something you can do to keep your phone cool keep it out of the hot Sun.
  • if the outside temperatures are very high realize that this can impact performance and plan accordingly if you can give your phone a break when it gets warm do so.
  • so if your phone gets warm or hot remember it probably doesn't need service or repair it's just working hard on your behalf it may need a little rest if it's warm just like any hard worker but there's no need to worry also remember to always use an official charger and don't tamper with the battery charging port or other aspects of your phone software or hardware.

well that's all. Thanks for Reading, we hope it can help you and your phone keep cool.

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