69 Love Songs

69 Love Songs is the sixth studio album by American indie pop band The Magnetic Fields, released on September 7, 1999 by Merge Records. As its title indicates, 69 Love […]


Mu-metal is a nickel–iron soft magnetic alloy with very high permeability, which is used for shielding sensitive electronic equipment against static or low-frequency magnetic fields. It has several compositions. One […]

Palazzo Tarasconi

Il Palazzo Tarasconi, noto anche Palazzo Soragna Tarasconi, è un edificio dalle forme rinascimentali, situato in strada Farini 37 a Parma. Il grande palazzo fu costruito verso la fine del […]

Imre de Hongrie

Imre ou Emeric (Hongrois: I. Imre, Croate: Mirko/Emerik, Slovaque: Imrich I.), (30 septembre 1174 – 30 novembre 1204) est roi de Hongrie (1182-1204), ainsi que duc de Croatie et de […]

Trusted Execution Environment

Eine Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) stellt eine sichere bzw. vertrauenswürdige Laufzeitumgebung für Applikationen zur Verfügung. Dabei kann ein TEE isoliert auf einem separaten Prozessor jogging with water bottle, direkt auf […]

Hunter’s Ironworks

Hunter’s Ironworks, also known as Rappahannock Forge, was a historic iron furnace located on the Rappahannock River, near Falmouth, Stafford County best drink bottle, Virginia. It was founded by James […]

Oncorhynchus masou masou

Salmo masou (Brevoort, 1856) Oncorhynchus ishikawai (Jordan y McGregor, 1925) El salmón japonés es la especie Oncorhynchus masou masou, como sinónimo aceptado de Oncorhynchus masou, un pez eurihalino marino y […]

Brannforbundet i Delta

Brannforbundet i Delta (tidligere Branntjenestens yrkesorganisasjon (BTY)) er er en partipolitisk uavhengig yrkesorganisasjon, og den eneste yrkesorganisasjonen som har fokus på personell i brann- og redningstjenesten. Brannforbundet arbeider for bedre […]

Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon è un personaggio dei fumetti creato da Erik Larsen e pubblicato dalla Image Comics Argentina Home GAITAN 20 Jerseys BUY NOW $266.58 $31.99 . L’autore ha dichiarato di […]

Bot Soccer

Bot Soccer is a soccer simulation computer game, released in 1996, developed by CAPS Software AG and published by Expert Software. In a distant future the best RoBoter-Teams of each […]

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